I Believe I Found My Rapist Named Fyetice On Instagram

I Believe I Found My Rapist Named Fyetice aka Eric Tice On Instagram

This looks JUST like him face and all….. https://instagram.com/fyetice?igshid=l2j3kjbsp4gh That caption says it all…. ⛓??‍♂️? That said, based on the looks, contour of the face – complete degradation, denial of a person’s humanity based on their station in life along with the sociopathic glib remark of stating he “prays for me” while degrading me for how I choose to live – that’s him! I believe it’s him! Sociopaths talk that way and tho. drunk he struck me as a sociopath that night. I don’t want to go into details but read this to understand what is going on…. Chasing My

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