I Saw The Horrible Fate of The Rothschilds’ Afterlife In A Vision

No amount of money would make me wanna go where this old bastard’s going… Not him (that’s Jacob Rotschild): PEEP SOME MORE INTERESTING FACTS I JUST FOUND OUT WHILE RESEARCHING HIM… He runs the J. Rotschild Assurance Group – WHAT KIND OF SHIT? The deception’s obvious in the various names… the fuck does an “assurance group” do to earn TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS (means they’re using it as a FRONT COMPANY) and NOTE they say that FORBES NEVER COVERS THEM AND THUS EXPOSE HOW THEY MAKE THEIR FORTUNES… HIM:   Or her, she’s Baroness Philippine Mathilde Camille de Rothschild (Pretentious ass

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