Black Ass Gangmember Attempts To Rape Me And Attacks Dude

Black Ass Crip Gangmember Attempts To Rape Me And Attacks Dude

I just saw those niggers via my third eye are planning to come to my vehicle late at night, get me out and try to pull me into their car. I gotta do something about them. ??‍♀️?? Fucking niggers. This fucks with my head….   And the crazy thing is the dude I was talking with (he has a bad alkie-hole demon on him) was just talking about seeing a demonic dude in a grey van parked right behind me, moving his head as if to control an urge 2 years ago…..   I got pure demonic energy off of

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Why Men Rape Women

*This DOES NOT apply to the melanated black men – THIS IS REGARDING THE CRAKKKAROACH MALES WHO STARTED IT which I discuss here: That said, I’ve been doing alot of thinking on this. This is about womb envy, the envy over the womban’s ability to CREATE LIFE! This did not start with the black man but with WHITE MALES who feared losing their womban to the more masculine black men (peep this table to see that white “men” HAVE THE SAME BONE DENSITY AS BLACK WOMEN, LOL: ) due to fear of WHITE GENETIC ANNHILATION, which the Great

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