Black Woman Sexually Assaulted by Deputy Konrad Thieme of the Lost Hills Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department

Lost Hills sheriffs station deputy Deputy Thieme is a sexual predator of black women: Here more screenshots of Deputy “Bull Connor”: THIS NIGGA SURE ASS HELL DON’T LOOK LIKE HE A FUCKING COP IN A NICE, RITZY – MODERN – PLACE LIKE MALIBU!!! COUNTRY FED, APPLE BELLY, FAT ASS PIG (AND I MEAN THAT IN THE LITERAL SENSE!!!!) JUST DON’T FIT IN, LOL! Here some more, lol: God, this mofo fat and ugly and surely don’t belong in no fucking Malibu!!! I believe based on the tarot cards that I threw on this fat obese landwhale (I believe search and

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