Difference In How LAPD Treats Man Pissing In the Bushes Vs A Woman Who Is Topless and Supposedly Pissing

Alright, a while back, I recall an incident which you can see right here: ….where a man, a gay man, was pissing in front of my apartment building (presumably). Well, he had his dick out and I caught it on tape. Well, I recall the dispatcher – a lady – saying that, “Well, he could […]

Possible Rapist LAPD Cop Richey Sexually Harasses Topless Woman in Hollywood, CA

Here is the image of Officer Richey, possible SEXUAL PREDATOR, leering down at my breasts while stopping me, saying it is “offensive” what I did but he is not being offensive for STARING AT MY BREASTS, which is what you can see in the picture down below: ¬†All these bitches ought to be LOCKED UP […]

Hypocrisy in How LAPD Treats Nude Males vs Topless Females

This video points out the starking contrast, reality between how LAPD treats a suspect accused of nudity in public (which is not illegal by the way) vs someone, a womyn like myself, who is merely topless and is not exposing any private parts – such as a pussy or dick, which is not illegal and […]

My Encounter with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Being Topless and Female

Here is what happened when I went to the East LA Courthouse while topless: This will be just one of my many videos coming up that highlights discriminattion against topless women for being topless in public and in private entities: