Black Ass Gangmember Attempts To Rape Me And Attacks Dude

Black Ass Crip Gangmember Attempts To Rape Me And Attacks Dude

I just saw those niggers via my third eye are planning to come to my vehicle late at night, get me out and try to pull me into their car. I gotta do something about them. ??‍♀️?? Fucking niggers. This fucks with my head…. Β  And the crazy thing is the dude I was talking with (he has a bad alkie-hole demon on him) was just talking about seeing a demonic dude in a grey van parked right behind me, moving his head as if to control an urge 2 years ago….. Β  I got pure demonic energy off of

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Black Nigga on La Brea Blvd Attacks Me For Giving Homeless Hispanic Man Money

I just want to start off by saying THIS IS WHY PEOPLE HATER NIGGERS: Who the fuck are you or anybody else for that matter to determine my identity for me? Tell me who the fuck I am? It is that very black hivemind way of thinking that nearly destroyed me in high school, that so called identified “blacks” have to think one way and be a certain way all the time unless you want to classified as an uncle tom, talking white or a sell out! FUCK YOU AND YOUR LABELS! You can download both vids here [purchase_link id=”28986″

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