Second Video of False Detention by LAPD OF My Neighbor on April 4, 2014

This is the second false detention video of my neighbor, who was merely detained for speaking her mind on a public sidewalk. Fortunately, this video was taken by a neighbor who was also frustratingly and violently told by Sgt. Morse to keep on moving and that it wasn’t his “business” to that effect. This all […]

False Detainment by LAPD Officer Timothy Estevez

This video pretty much tells it… The officers involved were: Estevez (badge no. 36886), Deckel (badge no. 41400) and Sgt. Morse (badge no. 41400). This comes on the heels of my first false arrest in which Sgt. Morse – who was involved in the first arrest and was instrumental in having me locked up on […]