Tweaking Wetbacks In Florida RV Selling Drugs Right Out of RV on Topanga Canyon Blvd

Tweaking Wetbacks In Florida RV Selling Drugs Right Out of Trap RV on Topanga Canyon Blvd

I been watching ๐Ÿ‘€…….

Here are some videos of such transactions and skeevy ass people……

– In that one above you can SEE them receiving drugs right out the window then testing it…..

Here more skeevy characters……

To fuck up the beauty of the area, they brought some more skeevy ass wetbacks to break the peace of such a natural and beautiful area (and trash it too)……

– These mofos, when you hear Florida, you think pretty Cubans, not these inferior ass wetbacks who are beneath me……

Fucking trash!

ALSO, EARLY THIS MORNING…… just as what happened the FIRST time they came around, they were up early this morning, TWEAKING, at 5am which I saw after waking up to take my walk……

Here is their license plate and how their RV looks…..

– Wait, I know I recorded it from the right angle.


Their license plate is Florida license plate No. MNE 0BY

– Their car…..

– I saw a tow truck one night WAITING for hours I guess to repossess that lil junk ass trap car, hence why they had that kneegrow “guarding” it ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚

And their RV from the front……

That’s some bum ass shit if I ain’t seen one. Laundrymats cost maybe $5 to clean that shit.

You telling me you can’t drive to a laundrymat in your trap car (I saw that black dude in the vid “guarding” it lol) and clean your shit…..

Why is it always up to me to take out the trash……

That said, I noted these tweaking abominations when they first came around to disturb the peace.

I was walking early in the morning, minding my biz – didn’t even know about em – when I saw they were tweaking and talking amongst themselves about “why she walking around” (WETBACK this is my spot and I been around here – and in Malibu – longer then you plus I am LEGAL). I then heard the door swing open, as I heard early this morning, so they can bring their dog out (I walked past it that morning and they didn’t do shit) and at one point they took my pic (and I took theirs too).

The FIRST day they came around I saw an old red sports car and NUMEROUS CARS lined with people approaching their RV for drugs.

I recall them looking DEAD in my direction to leer at the “shirtless lady” (while conspiring early in the morning to run ME out of MY area)…..

Well – why is it stupid trash that is beneath me that underestimate me – they are gonna have to learn the hard way (and go back to Messy-co with their nasty looking, funky looking degenerate ass selves) who they stumbled upon as ole boi in blue bus did……

– Mofo seeing shadow people, pulling him into portals trying to kill him cause of dat ‘woke ๐Ÿง™๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ‘น๐Ÿ‰ on him, doing the same thing them wetbacks did – being pervs……

I can’t stand trash like that! So I ‘woked em and they left the first night #WokeOnWetbacks…..

For some strange reason – I gotta TWEAK my ‘wokes cause it makes folks addicted to my energy – they came back.

I was hoping peace would be restored to the area.

People like this should not be around here, esp. selling and doing drugs in such a sacred spot!

If these methhead wetback creatures are allowed to stay around – WE WILL start seeing drug addicted zombies rolling around the area, dropping trash, fucking up shit.

Up further there is a lady from Belize who is real nice, clean, mind her own business, do what she do but that’s it without harming the area.

These tweakers and their ominous ass energy gotta go.

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