Garage Autonomist Harasses Black Female And Thinks Suicide of Black Male Is GOOD

HERE’S THE MOST DAMNING (HE DON’T WANT YOU TO SEE THIS): More like “garbage autonimist.” Anyways, here are the emails where this jealous, mentally ill mofo attacks me OUT THE BLUE, MAKES FUN OF MY DEAD BROTHER’S SUICIDE (EVIL ASS) AND ATTACKS ME FOR HAVING BEEN ON REALITY SHOWS, ETC. USING A MERE DIFFERENCE OF […]

LAPD Officer Domingo Silva ILLEGALLY Uses LAPD Computer To Stalk Women

Here is the evidence, taken from that ugly mofo’s photostream, which you can see here: and Here is his WHOLE PHOTOSTREAM, HERE: Here are the screenshots: THIS MOFO IS BASICALLY MORE THAN LIKELY PULLING WOMEN OVER, STOPPING THEM TO SEXUALLY HARASS THEM THEN LOOK EM UP TO SEE WHERE THEY LIVE (REAL STALKER […]

Twitter Capes For White Supremacist @associatedjess

Yes, aside from #pizzagate Twitter is now caping for white supremacist trolls like @associatedjess (formerly @JessDinduNuffin) who said some pretty transphobic, RACIST shit to me, all of which you can see down below: WHEN I RIGHTFULLY DEFENDED MYSELF BY RESPONDING AND CALLING THAT FAT, MIZZ PIGGY LOOKING LARD ASS A “LANDWHALE” and how a man […]