I won’t say too much because the evidence is pretty self explanatory BUT I WILL say the following that you are about to see is the summation of months and months worth of denials by Google/ Youtube to pay out my Google adsense money that they have accumulated off of me. I am a homeless woman. You may ask why Google/Youtube is doing this? Well this is not the first time and why they – a multi billion dollar (if not trillion dollar industry) feel they need to STEAL FROM A HOMELESS WOMAN, SOMEONE WHO ALREADY DOES NOT HAVE – is beyond me. At one point I noticed that they kept it at a threshold below $100 – the payout amount – by deliberately keeping it down to around $90 even as the view count rose. When I did a vid COMPLAINING, it fell to around $40 now $30 and I NEVER GOT A PAYOUT AT ANY POINT IN TIME DURING THIS and regardless of the fact that the view count has increased the money keeps DECREASING nontheless. I merely just want my money and that is all I want. Down below are the screenshots with times showing so you can see the accuracy. Further down I will have evidence from actual youtube creators, suspect “possible EMPLOYEES” haranguing me for putting this information out there. Anyways, Namaste xo.

Online Now!

Here is how SERIOUS youtube is about this. WHENEVER I SPEAK OUT ABOUT THIS, I receive YouTube trolls such as this “YouTube Hero” here (and we know what they are KNOWN FOR which you can read here: http://www.themarysue.com/youtube-heroes-program/) HAD THIS TO SAY:

Here are some more, rather in some cases “unsavoury” comments from whom I suspect are YouTube employees:

And here are some watchers saying how they’re comments – they’re noticing – are disappearing inexplicably:

Why youtube, WHY!?