Google Is Still Stealing My Ad Revenue With Months Long PROOF

Google Is Still Stealing My Ad Revenue With Months Long PROOF

I won’t say too much because the evidence is pretty self explanatory BUT I WILL say the following that you are about to see is the summation of months and months worth of denials by Google/ Youtube to pay out my Google adsense money that they have accumulated off of me. I am a homeless woman. You may ask why Google/Youtube is doing this? Well this is not the first time and why they – a multi billion dollar (if not trillion dollar industry) feel they need to STEAL FROM A HOMELESS WOMAN, SOMEONE WHO ALREADY DOES NOT HAVE – is beyond me. At one point I noticed that they kept it at a threshold below $100 – the payout amount – by deliberately keeping it down to around $90 even as the view count rose. When I did a vid COMPLAINING, it fell to around $40 now $30 and I NEVER GOT A PAYOUT AT ANY POINT IN TIME DURING THIS and regardless of the fact that the view count has increased the money keeps DECREASING nontheless. I merely just want my money and that is all I want. Down below are the screenshots with times showing so you can see the accuracy. Further down I will have evidence from actual youtube creators, suspect “possible EMPLOYEES” haranguing me for putting this information out there. Anyways, Namaste xo.





Here is how SERIOUS youtube is about this. WHENEVER I SPEAK OUT ABOUT THIS, I receive YouTube trolls such as this “YouTube Hero” here (and we know what they are KNOWN FOR which you can read here: HAD THIS TO SAY:

Here are some more, rather in some cases “unsavoury” comments from whom I suspect are YouTube employees:

And here are some watchers saying how they’re comments – they’re noticing – are disappearing inexplicably:

Why youtube, WHY!?

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