Homeless Actor Once Successful Threatens Me

I was gonna turn this into a “Why you cant help NIGGERS out” segment but I don’t think I am going to:     Basically, what happened was, as I explain here:   I saw the guy one the street, gave him a dollar – the best I can do as I am not doing […]

Old Geriatric Dinosaur with the LAPD Harasses Me For Being Topless And I Win

  This bitch was patrolling since the day Jesus Christ walked the Earth, lol! This ole geriatric crakkka beast, who you are about to see in this clip here, harasses me for being topless in public: This old CRAKKKA BEAST shows up and under the guise of supposedly being given flagged down by “a bystander” […]

Possible Identity of the Misogynist Perv Who Stalked Me: Recks Robert

::BREAKING:: THIS GUY IS A FUCKING STALKER! His obsession with seeing me “topless” combined with obsessing over telling me that it is not “socially acceptable” for me to be topless COMBINED with him knowing I went to the eyecare place on Monday and Thursday of this week shows he is a STALKER and possible rapist […]

Wetback Bitch and Cholo Boyfriend with Future Gangbangers In Tow Make Big Deal About Topless Woman on Hauser Blvd

These BITCHES with her lil gangbangers in tow…. …had the NERVE to make a big deal about my being topless on MY BLOCK! I can’t stand it when fucking TRASH have the nerve to be moralizing yet it is painfully obvious that this bitch is more than likely NOT MARRIED, with all those fucking kids OUT […]