Female Toplessness in Public is Legal in California

Now, a while back, I did a video exposing the Inglewood PD for their HYPOCRISY in their unjust attempt to try to jail me for wearing “pasties” in public! I was told by a female sgt. whose name escapes me in the police station (when I went to file a police report for urine soaked […]

The Male Gaze, Sexual Harassment and Toplessness

Just today, I was walking around L.A. topless- well, honestly, I can’t say topless as I am wearing pasties on top – and I was struck by the sound of a cat call – wolf whistle, which is highly unusual for me to get while walking around “topless” from who I presumed to be the […]

LAPD Called on Me For Walking Around Topless by Irate Neighbor

Anyways, in this goodie but oldie (well, not that old, circa 2014 last month, actually, two months ago!!) I had my first taste of having the po po called on me in the form of an irate neighbor of mine – who you will see in the tape – calling the police on me for […]