L.A. County Courthouse Trying To Hide Something

When I had to go on the day of my court date after being illegally arrested – again – for being topless in public by LAPD’s Southwest Division WHILE COPWATCHING (You can read about the case law supporting your right to go topless here: http://toplessinla.org/2014/05/10/female-toplessness-in-public-is-legal-in-california/) in which the prosecutor was none other than that FAT, UGLY, GREASY, GROTESQUE, PIZZA EATING RACIST DAGO-WOP, FAT AZZ KEITH DE LA ROSA, WHOSE RACIST ASS ANTICS AGAINST ANOTHER BLACK COUPLE YOU CAN READ ABOUT HERE: http://toplessinla.org/2017/07/17/l-a-prosecuting-attorney-keith-de-la-rosa-is-possibly-racist/ – THE SAME PROSECUTOR WHO ILLEGALLY FUCKED OVER ME REGARDING THIS ARTIST LOFT CASE (WHERE I WAS FIRST

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