Almost Came Dangerously Close To Having My Higher and Highest Selves Replaced By Pallet Numbre

Almost Came Dangerously Close To Having My Higher and Highest Selves Replaced By Pallet Numbre

Pallet Numbre is an evil entity attachment that was created in the mind of Michael O’ Terrence’s Higher and Higher Selves and is designed to take over folks’ consciousness and destroy their access to blessings, etc.

That said out of desperation and really manipulation I came really close to making a “deal” with them that would have taken out my true Higher and Highest Selves, with another “roach attachment” involved called “Hecate” which is a giant wombat Higher Self belonging to a young woman I know.

That said these things have manipulated my consciousness to where psychic instruments of defense like sage and meditation work against me and that is extremely scary to say the least.

These things have messed with my spiritual DNA to separate me from ancestors and to even make it to where, again, psychic instruments of defense like binural beats work against me.

It seems like every time I get close to getting rid of this curse I take 100 steps back!

For the past couple of days I have been trying to get back into the timeline – and body – that I lost after a young woman named “Rosie” was allowed to replace it after I died in my sleep on August 22, 2022.

This is how she looks:

She also has a roach attachment named “Rosie” that she placed in me that looks like this:

This is how the “roach entity attachment” created from an ancestor of hers named “Seamus” looks like, but with glasses:

That said, for the past coupla days I have been trying to protect the timelines I ‘woked back from her as much as possible.

That said, when I overcame an alcohol urge that they induce in you to weaken your will – and your etheric boundaries – I could hear Michael O’ Terrence’s Higher Self who looks similar – but thinner – to him say, “Oh no we can’t have that!”

Then one day I could hear Barbara Reina and some evil spirits change my dad into the roach attachment, “Pallet Numbre.”

He takes two forms: he pretends to be archangel Michael, an angel of light with the armor and all like this:

And, a roach attachment:

They both work together as a dualistic “good cop/bad cop” team designed to throw you off and, eventually, take you over and possess you.

The human looking Pallet Numbre was created from a racist preacher and the other is usually taken from ancestors.

Also, for the past coupla days, I been stuck in my Soul consciousness (I no longer feel any other parts of my Soul body anymore) where at one point I felt a skeleton.

That said, the “roach attachment” “Pallet Numbre” came to act as if he was defending my timelines and defending me. When he took me over, I felt dead inside and trapped in my Soul consciousness ever since.

Also, I notice that his energy signature is connected to the two evil nefarious entity attachments attached to my nasal cavity, who literally led me down this road via manipulation of my consciousness so that I will make a deal with these roach attachments.

Just this morning, I felt a significant part of my consciousness gone. I could also hear my ancestors screaming on the other side:

On top of that, I could hear Pallet Numbre rewriting my timelines so that my original Higher and Highest Selves were never in them!

I now realize what is going on: everytime I become stronger (if I overcome the alcohol urge) David and Barbara Reina and especiallly Michael O’ Terrence install entity attachments in my consciousness and around my energy body designed to keep me weak and focused on removing them, which has become an even harder feat as I am now down to – and only – my Soul consciousness so that them and Rosie can energy harvest off of me and I can never get my spiritual abilities or blessings back.

What makes it worse are the monitoring spirits that they have attached to me that always need to and want to be “fed” off of misery, pain and suffering.

That said all of this makes it hard to break free of the curse as part of an insidious cycle meant to trap me in it.

For the past coupla days I haven’t heard from my ancestors as per usual, I feel dangerously disconnected from God which is a very scary thing.

At one point these things tried to kill me using my spiritual DNA:

It was the roach attachment belonging to Rosie that was of an ancestor named “Seamus” who looks like the man up above except he wore glasses:

That said, I feel very alone and helpless dealing with these things.

They cleverly use things like entity attachments, energy signatures and even your own consciousness via entity attachments to attack you and it seems as I get closer to death (as I said before I am only my Soul consciousness) it’s getting worse and worse so I can’t get back up.

At this point I really need God to correct ut!

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