How To Defeat The Curse of The Roach Realm And The Reinas: Understanding Perception And Consciousness Is Key

How To Defeat The Curse of The Roach Realm And The Reinas: Understanding Perception And Consciousness Is Key

Yesterday I was finally able to remove the two evil sadistic roach attachments that were attached to my nose chakra since forever:

That said it is the strenght of consciousness. I ‘woked them out by basically making my consciousness stronger than theirs.

But it is not that simple.

See the curse of the roach realm and the curse of the Reinas is a curse of perception and consciousness.

The key to defeating the curse is to know – and imagine – your enemy’s energy signature and remove their consciousness from their heads via imagination, visualization and/or third eye and replace it with entity attachments designed to keep them from creating entity attachments in their own heads such as what I did the other night to David Reina, Barbara Reina and Michael O’ Terrance whose energy signatures can be seen right here:

That said this is not an easy curse to break. It is not a simple curse that can be solved with simply salt water and sage. You need to be practically an empath and have a strong consciousness as well as a strong understanding of consciousness so that you can be able to outwit these things in your own head.

It is a curse of perception, intuition and consciousness as I break down here:

It involves the Reinas basically using entity attachments they created in their heads using imagination, visulatization and super sentinent roach realm entities that are designed to harass you and eat away at your consciousness so that they can “become it” so as to deaden you inside to the point where you become numb or as they call it “intranquil” so that it is easier to take your Soul and take you to their realm. It is a highly nasty curse to defeat.

The way it works is is that usually through the pineal gland they dispatch entity attachments known as roach attachments that are super sentinent and conscious themselves that are designed to eat away at your consciousness over time and become it:

This is the connector they use to get inside your head.

That said from there they put in latent parts of their consciousness into your consciousness that are designed to act as “portals” to allow these entities to get in at any time and harass you.

These super conscious entities are then designed to take over your mind and try to trick you into exposing other parts of your consciousness so that they can take you over and deaden it.

It is a very nightmarish curse to live with cause you can then no longer trust your intution and perception and even your own consciousness on things. You can’t even live inside of your own head cause of these things.

Case in point: when I tried to remove the entities in my nose chakra, I could hear them and their monitoring spirits say something like, “We discovered where the true source of her consciousness is” to intimidate you in your own head into not strenghtening your own consciousness and to not be able to fight them.

It is what I call possession of consciousness. In the more extreme stages of this curse such as I these things will get you not to trust your own intuition and perception, forcing you to listen to them for spiritual guidance.

These things are trained to tell the truth and then manipulate the hell out of you the closer you get to escaping them and escaping their realm:

They use this innate entity attachment to get into your head. It is a debarking station for entities in the spirit realm.

They lower the chains around your crown chakra so as to keep you stuck in the roach realm.

The curse starts off usually with them taking pieces of your Soul’s head at the crown chakra and placing them in the roach realm.

That said this curse masquerades as schizophrenia when it isn’t.

What’e worse is these things use your senses such as taste, sight and sound to build energetic chords to get into your head by picking at you, grabbing you from the spirit realm. Every day I can feel these things snatching bits and parts of my consciousness to ferry away to Barbara and David Reina to use against me. They are hard to ignore such as the roach attachments that got into my nose. Every time I would breathe I could hear these things speak such as here:

You can hear them here. They rape me in my sleep.

You can’t find solace in your own head or thoughts which makes it really hard to defeat this curse as an empath cause everytime you try to feel something inside of you I could hear these roach attachments say, “We found a new piece of her consciousness here” and then try to take that. You have to be ultra conscious and careful of your thoughts because something was done to open me up to the spirit realm to allow these things to see my thoughts and attack me.

It is worse than the shadow realm curse or the demon realm curse.

You have to fight to keep from listening to these things so that they don’t get into your head and kill you.

They like to play mind games. One thing they love to do is that, when you get closer to removing them or escaping the curse they will say things like, “An ancestor is being attacked by David Reina” to get you to pay attention to that and not focus on the main issue, what should be centre focus which is attacking the crux of the problem and that is the consciousness of the Reinas and removing their entity attachments from their heads.

In the case of myself I was set up by the Reinas to be energy harvested off of in which they use highly dangerous roach attachments that intimidate you to allow the Reinas to energy harvest off of you such as the two roach attachments in my nasal chakra that would steal my throat chakra, even “physical” features such as my lips, physical body off of my Soul and energy body.

I find that the minute something is stolen off your body, use your consciousness from a minute earlier to recall it back to you to keep them from getting it.

I could literally feel bits and parts of my energy body being stolen.

What’s worse is the minute you have a thought, the minute you even think of them, it “activates” them and allows them to attack you.

Mind you these things are hella conscious and super sentinent. They are not like regular mindless entity attachments thus making them harder to kill and get rid of.

They are extremely dangerous, evil and feel entitled to your energy body and Soul.

I have lost three Souls, alot of my spiritual abilities and even regular abilities fighting this curse. I have even almost lost my sanity.

What is worse is is what they do to your ancestors that live within you.

They get ahold of your spiritual DNA and then take the entity attachments of your ancestors that live within you and create entity attachments of them.

One of them is Pallet Numbre and another named Eden who is based off of a Higher Self who went into the roach realm to look for me after Baron Samedi in my original timeline placed me there:

In numerous timelines my dad died and was turned into that. You can see my father’s Soul here:

Here is an image of the “fish” roach attachments that eat your consciousness.

They put em on your energy body’s leylines so they can break down your inner defenses and devour you.

I saw this at the beginning of the curse.

This is “Eden”, the former spirit guide turned “roach entity attachment” by the Reinas.

I believe she is being held in a jar by David Reina in the spirit realm.

This is how his higher selves that he created as entity attachments look like:

This is how his newest one looks but with curly hair.

They are extremely sadistic entities with hell realms in the astral plane where they torture people and torment them, such as one realm which David Reina had set up where my brother Bryan was being held captive from which he was freed.

This curse is hell for sensitive people because every time you ” feel” something they use it against you. You can’t even go into your lower consciousness which is your subconsciousness because every time you do they take advantage of the sensitivity to your inner parts of yourself in that realm of your consciousness to attack you within.

It is a hellish curse that makes it hard to go within to defeat these things. Every time you think of these things they use it as an energetic signature to attack. It involves monitoring spirits (I still don’t know how to get rid of them) and evil spirits that like to feed off of consciousness.

The key to defeating this curse is to deal with your consciousness as superficially as possible.

We all have ancestors, entity attachments that do work on our energy body, spirit body all the time. The key to defeating these entities is to “ignore” their consciousness, push it out and treat them as any other inner entity so that they can go “intranquil” and ultimately.

They are parasites of the mind that thrive on attention and being acknowledged so as they say in their parlance they can “feed”.

I find that when I ignore them I get my stuff, my internal stuff right back. No matter how conscious and sentinent they are they are simple parasites who need you to feed off of.

Another key to defeating the curse is to know your enemy’s energy signature. Here are the Reinas and Michael O’ Terrence’s energy signature:

The energy signature for “Pallet Numbre”, an evil sadistic entity that parades itself as “Archangel Michael” at times and as an angel of light, is a very death pale white. For the ones named “Barbara the roach queen” it is a bright white and for “Rosie the roach queen” it is a warm red and for Baron Samedi, electric blue.

For “Guru 5” it is brown and for the two roach attachments that are attached to my nasal cavity, it is a brownish dirty black.

Here are some of the messages he has sent me:

He is a real evil motherfucker who needs to be take out the spiritual world as well as the physical world.

That said the key to defeating their curses are to know their energy signature (they are gonna try to disguise it in the astral plane so be ready) and to remove their consciousness, which I saw was FILLED with evil entity attachments both of their own creation as well as creations from the roach realm, and replace with entity attachments galore designed to keep them from creating entity attachments. Also find their connection to the roach realm and remove it.

Their entity attachments like to play mind games. One thing they love to do is that, when you get closer to removing them or escaping the curse they will say things like, “An ancestor is being attacked by David Reina” to get you to pay attention to that and not focus on the main issue, what should be centre focus which is attacking the crux of the problem and that is the consciousness of the Reinas and removing their entity attachments from their heads.

They will also have their entity attachments place entity attachments on you and then set things up so that if you remove it something will attack you. Case in point early this morning I found an entity attachment of Pallet Numbre’s, an evil and sadistic entity attachment, lying on my crown chakra that is designed to have your powers used against you and pull you out your body so that they can pull you into a hell realm and never wake up. I removed it and lo and behold their entity attachments told me not to remove it or else Eden, an evil sadistic entity attachment, will come and eat my consciousness. I remove it and lo and behold I can feel “Eden” eating away at my consciousness.

From what I am hearing in the spirit world they are attacking an innocent opera singer who lives in Pasadena. That said that they are gonna take her voice in three days.

As I said before, the key to defeating this curse is perception and a strong consciousness. Do not acknowledge them as much as you can in your consciousness otherwise they will get in. I get spat on, picked at, even bitten by these things for around 17 months but I have learned not to pay attention to them as much as I can and give them no energy. They feed off of making people miserable and sick and sad and the key is is to not acknowledge them in any way. Just today I refused to “feed” them by ignoring the entity attachments in my naval cavity and next thing I know, in the middle of the night, “Barbara or Rosie the roach queen” eat away at my naval cavity and my consciousness with viciousness and they destroyed my energy body. It is a vicious curse. They like to reel people in by by being funny and being “nice.” Do not laugh at their jokes, do not “feel” them, think of them, anything. DO NOT REACT WITH YOUR SENSES! Do not let them in, into your heart chakra, wherever with sensory reactions. That is how they build a bridge to you and destroy you.

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