Breaking Down The Incel Smart Boy vs Thug Argument

Breaking Down The Incel Smart Boy vs Thug Argument

I get tired of seeing STUPID, dunce minded shit like this on my timeline…..

Simple minded shit.

Let me break down basic biology: See, women get pregnant thus we innately seek support. Meanwhile men seek to propagate with as many women as possible sexually so as to keep their bloodline (and the survival of the species) going.

Let me explain how it breaks into this above πŸ‘†πŸ»

It is no secret that the most vapid, dumb motherfuckers tend to be pretty:

– They are pretty AND smart and are very accomplished witches πŸ§™πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ‘πŸ»

How they looked before the transiSHUN:

That said they evolved to be this way due to the fact that they (NOT the Kardashians) are stupid and can’t support themselves.

That said, if you notice, especially once upon a time (before The Age of The Divine Feminine and the raising of the 3D frequency with Higher Frequencies in other dimensions which allows one to meddle with – and even the score β™€οΈπŸ‘πŸ» – using witchcraft), intelligence was associated with ugliness and that is because no one – no man – wants an ugly woman and thus ugly kids (which are signs of genetic fraility which is why pretty people, especially pretty women, are sought in the first place) and a pretty (dumb) woman does not wanna bare a child for an ugly man so ugly but intelligent people have to console each other by consorting each other.

That said, take into account that in our modern world a sign of an ability for a man to take care of his kids is financial viability. Intelligent people tend to know this but dumb (and generally prettier people) aren’t keen to this and still have the caveman mentality of seeking men for strenght as providers, hence the hoe (the woman who can mate alot) with the thug:

When you think about it in pure elementary terms dumb (but prettier) people tend to just live out a very simplistic biological code akin to instinct where they just mate and reproduce, as shown in the film Idiocracy:

That said, as a result, that is why you have the pretty and popular but dense young lady dating a thug, especially in high school where there is not much thought put into financial viability since the parents (should) provide.

That said, shit like this is intellectually dishonest and unfair to women. Why are YOU pursuing the “hoochie mama” then? So you can use her body too as the “thugs” are doing? Most intelligent women don’t get down with “thugs” so why are you pursuing a dense woman who is not your intellectual equal? To control?

– The fact these mofos are still focusing on high school speaks of their (lack of) maturity level.

To me it is the same mentality driving these guys towards the hoochie mama that drives these farangs – western men – to marry economically disenfranchised women overseas: control!

It’s one where they seek a mate who can easily be bossed around cause they are not their equal partner, not intellectually and not economically, and can thus be controlled.

It is the same incel mentality that drives these motherfuckers to feel entitled to a woman’s pussy for merely taking her out!

You motherfuckers should be taken out the gene pool and not allowed to date, period! That is the most selfish ass drive towards wanting somebody, period and, if you are gonna be like that, please die alone. We don’t need selfish motherfuckers like your progeny in the gene pool, hence why I say abortion is a good thing too πŸ‘πŸ»

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