Sex Workers And Others Watch Out For This Angry Sociopath Named Bern Washington

Sex Workers And Others Watch Out For This Angry Sociopath Named Bern Washington

I think this is how he looks:

He tried contacting me under another number and got me flagged and banned off of

This is his real number cause when you call you ALWAYS will reach him: 714-574-4362

You can tell (listen with earbuds to hear his voice) that he is a VERY angry person with control issues, hence why my Higher Self told me to avoid him:

You can tell by the text messages – and by the convo – that he is a time waster with anger issues who does not like to be outsmarted……

He later lured me out to a different address under a different number, which, against my intuition and better judgement I should have avoided…..

I am wondering if this is his real address here, the initial one:

The 1406 Scott Ave, L.A. 90026 address…..

That said, that is scary where, in one of the text, he says, “Walk around the back” which could have put my life in danger since he wasn’t sincere…..

I think the people at the 509 Maple St address are people he work with because, right after I showed and he posted this, looking to fuck with me ie “prank” me, a homeless woman, a black mustang appeared and appeared to be taping….

You can see him in the initial set of texts mention a “prank” here:

He’s gonna get paid millions off my appearance while I live on Skid Row in a shelter.

That said I am doing this out of desperation. I need money for my RV. I owe $200 more to the mechanic who fixed my starter so I need the money.

I wish I would have listened to my intuition but I wasted $30 on an Uber trying to get to this guy – again, I need the money – I wish I had never went against my intuition.

He even had the audacity to follow me on OnlyFans, which I blocked:

That “Bern” is for how he burns ie treats homeless people and sex workers.

I don’t usually do write ups like this cause I got more important things to worry about (them astral parasites told me they brought him to me to destroy my chances of making money) but I don’t like the evil, complete lack of empathy that is exuding from this demon.

This person is capable of killing a sex worker and I saw – barely due to the astral parasites – through my third eye him sticking needles and knives in sex workers’s arms and beating them and then writing reviews, saying “They cheated him etc.” That guy is a sadist and humanity – good people – need to be warned.

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