Candsbroadway A Pedophile

Candsbroadway of Las Vegas Is A Pedophile

Listen how she talks to her son, all flirty with sexual innuendos and this is a small young child!

Here link to original videos (go comment):

At 0:26 He said he dont use the smolder – a sex device – *on family* like who tf says that meaning they got pedophilia going on in the family!

I was able to narrow some shit about this white trash farm bred hick sounding yokel….. She lives in Las Vegas:

Here are screenshots of her son and husband so their identities can be narrowed down…..

– Here a vid where you can see his face mad well….. Here is a screenshot:

Lil boy don’t like his ma for a reason….. note how he disrespects her in many vids……

Someone named Ivan Cuevas who seems like he knows em said her husband treats IT like shit….. as he should……

Imma be compiling more facts on her identity so I can really haunt this bully troll weak willed – weak sounding – net troll bitch.

For real she should NOT be around kids. That conversation with her son don’t sit right with me. She was molesting her son. I also get the sense that her husband raped her daughter and her sick ass films it. She got the voice of a disassociated serial killer who is disconnected to her prey when you hear her, like a sociopath. She honest sounds like a pedophile.

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