He Will NEVERT Be Able To Sleep Again ?????

He Will NEVERT Be Able To Sleep Again ?????

I’m laughing my ass off…..

After I ‘woked fool by putting a curse on him for calling me a nigger here:

Nasty Meth Mouth’s Friend Who Showed Up For Her Calls Me A Nigger and Gets ‘Woked

Here he is looking like Aaron Lewis from Staind looking ass, can’t sleep at night so he up at 4am in the morning ?????


You know… I tell folks I fuck with voodoo but I actually fuck with shit far worse.

I still got lil demons, reptilians from my satanic period still attached to me. That’s what I’m putting on you. I am literally giving you MY curse and, no, I don’t ever take it off……

Mofo – him and ole racist gyal – gonna be singing, “It’s been awhile since I got some zzzzzz’s!” lol!

As for meth-head, I don’t like making deals with shit (cause of my experience and gnostic beliefs) but this bitch may have to go ????‍♀️


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