How Your Car Tells The State of Your Spirit

Alright! I did alot of thinking on this.

There is a guy I know – I won’t say his name (honestly I don’t recall) WHO HAS A NICE ASS OLDER MODEL CAR, one of those luxury cars! Make a long story short on the surface the car appears to be well taken care of, very nice looking. However, WHEN YOU GET INSIDE – OH LORD, IT IS MESSY ASS FUCK!! That said, this strongly correlates to his mental state.

I’ve spoken with him before: Just like the car HE IS VERY ATTRACTIVE on the outside but deep within is a tangled jungle of emotions he’s never quite dealt with – adequately – that’s done built up over time till it could cause an emotional volcanic outburst which adequarely correlates to the state of his car.

That said, when you look at my car – it’s very interesting! Unlike some of the other folks who live outta their car – notice I don’t place towels up (only time I use a sun visor is when it gets intolerably hot). However, note that there are tints on the windows:

This correlates to my sincerity, my genuiness, my openess about my life, about myself. BUT NOTICE the lil tint: it’s because I don’t share EVERYTHING! If something is emotionally bother me, you can read it on my face, it will be clear in my body language and via my spirit that something is bothering me – and at that point it may emotionally come out if I feel inclined via my intuition but that lil tint shows that there is a hint of mystery to me – which is probably why I attract stalkers, lol!

– Here is the outside, so you can see some of the imperfections!

That said, look at the inside of the car: it looks chaotic. However, when you look further you will see it’s ORGANIZED CHAOS which makes sense to me. This correlates to how alot of folks see me as crazy but will agree with many of things I say cause – WHEN YOU GET PAST LOOKING AT ME FROM A SUPERFICIAL PERSPECTIVE – you will see that many of the things I do and say MAKE SENSE and it takes a consciousness with a level of OVERSTANDING to get the wisdom and kernel of gold nuggets I do and say: In other words, there is a method to my madness!

Also, take a look outside: You see bruises, marks, the fact that the car gets dirty but underneath it is a VERY BEAUTIFUL CAR! It is also very strong, durable AND spiritual – like me. When I first brought the car it had a cross along with a sticker with a grim reaper skeleton figure on it which shows duality – light and dark – which PERFECTLY correlates to how I am. That said, just like me there are so many layers to it then just what is on the surface – so many nuances – so much DEPTH! Alot of history, alot of nuances. There is alot that has happened to this car but it keeps on going despite all odds – like me via a strenght of spirit (I swear this car real spiritual) with an energy that takes on the energy signature of it’s owner – just as I am an empath. This car is known to attract parasites in the form of thieves – just as my energy inadvertently attracts energy vampires. I notice when it’s in a new area it will take a while for the car to get used to the energy, esp. if it is in a spiritual area with alot of spiritual energy. Sometimes it will act up in response to the energy which in many ways reminds me of me.

That said, it’s funny how our possessions can take on our energy. It’s funny cause I have seen auras around objects because – even at the subatomic level – EVERYTHING is comprised of subatomic particles that are in fact living things so thus it is no surprise that objects can exhibit certain traits like “organic” things such as the ability to adopt energy!

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