Dealing With A Psycho Sexual Predator Online Named Ron Dorinsky

For the longest period of time I have been stalked and harassed by this sick fuck here:





Leaving the same degenerate comments that you see similar to the one above.

Check out his subscription list:






Note he has Eliot Rogers – the misogynist psycho killer who murdered women because they didn’t “want him” – in his subscriptions list!

Also, look at the crazy comments taken DIREXT from his facebook which are – by and large – racist, anti-social and sexist and just as I stated BEFORE I read a description of him, I KNEW he had red hair which manifest my psychic prowess as you will see later. Also, note he states he WORKS FOR THE CITY OF LOS ANGELES (I THINK HE IS A COP AND I THINK I KNOW WHO HE IS):

                                                                                This guy is the epitome of a trick who feels entitled to women’s bodies, that will feel as if he is in the right for going on a murderous rampage if he doesn’t get the woman he wants. As I noted in past prior youtube channel messages of his, he esp. has a penchant, a strong hatred, for strong women, which is why he comes to attack me!

This guy is exactly the reason why I think that prostitution needs to become a felony: for psycho sexual predators like him to be able to access women who cater to his fantasy (which porn does as well) only enables sick fucks like him to further objectify and see women in a very degrading, depraved light. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has raped women in the past. I am putting this guy on notice cause based on what I can read about his personality profile: white male, possibly early 30’s to late 40’s, stocky, red hair, very weak, timid individual in real life but carries on and acts cocky and, white regards to women since he can’t get us – threatening and ominous (to boost his low self esteem)- this person is the perfect type to carry out a shooting spree against females or a seral raping spree. Either way, we are fucked for having this “thang” in this world. Internet detectives: if you can find out any more about him, please send here: [email protected]

Thank you!


Here is another LOSER I want to add to that list:

ANTHONY WHITE I SUSPECT could be or potentially not his name. Here is IT’S Youtubd Channel, Here: Notice the RACIST SHIT HE SAID! That said I intend to turn around my blog and devote it to EXPOSING THESE TRICKS AND ALL THE BAD, AWFUL THINGS THEY DO TO WOMEN! These people are exemplemary of ALOT OF TRICKS and why I am AGAINST PROSTITUTION and I speak as a survivor of that industry. That Anthony Miller character sounds like it could potentially be a cop as well. I can’t wait to get those dox so I can turn it in to internal affairs!

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