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If you like my content, nothing brings me more happiness and tears – of – joy then when someone actually PAYS me to continue my work. That said, if you enjoy my content and want me to continue, please visit my patreon account here:

As anyone on youtube who has been watching my various youtube channels know, I have been for a long long time trying to make my idea of a clothing line come true. Well, as of late I have been coming up with some BRILLIANT ideas for designs, none on my site – – but things, concepts, ideas that are TOTALLY NEW AND TOTALLY FRESH! To all screenprinters I am willing and more then inclined to enter a deal in which I license you for the right to print my ideas on your shirts using your commercial screenprinting equipment and for my ideas and your work we both get paid as a partnership, a team. As anyone who knows me knows I have been doing sex work for a long long time and I feel it is high time – at the age of 33 of all things – to get out as I feel like I got something more to offer than just be a “cumrag,” a living “bed” for men if you will. I can do so much more and the reason in part why partially I feel good about leaving my old apartment is that I have more freedom to pursue that now since I am no longer shackled to all the restraints that comes with paying rent in a place where I was struggling every month and thus had no financial freedom to pursue my dreams.

As for the Patreon, I have had people request and want me to do custom content, talk with them, exchange emails, etc., talk with them in the comment section, do spells for them, lol and now all that can come true for you thru support thru my patreon: ( I mean, at the end of the day if you are truly fans as you say you are, you will help support your local artist and not DEMAND things for free from them but help them to basically thrive off of what gives you life, what helps you out, too. I feel it is only fair. So if you appreciate my work my darlings PLEASE SHOW IT by financial support of said work: Nothing brings tears of joy to my eyes more than when someone shows their appreciation by paying for work I not only worked hard to make, but loved to make as well, showing your appreciation for buying a little part of me and that is what makes me proud and not a loser in my eyes. That said, show your support. I thank you and the arts do, too.

If you have any comments, anything personal you wanna share, send me an email here: [email protected] Also, feel free to donate here: you like the content.

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