Do Not Buy Infinity Insurance

Do Not Buy Infinity Insurance

For anyone that cares, I’m homeless now due to robbing, brutalizing roomates. That said, I am sitting on $3,500 that I CAN’T TOUCH because my insurance company – Infinity Insurance – will not give me because they say my uninsured motorist coverage won’t cover it.


Look at the policy here… It says on one end that they cover you for uninsured based on how they define it in which they state that

(3) “Uninsured motor vehicle” means a motorized land vehicle
or trailer of any type which is:….
(c) a hit-and-run or phantom vehicle whose operator or
owner cannot be identified and which hits:
(i) you, a relative or any resident; or
(ii) an auto which you, a relative or any resident are
occupying; or
(iii) the insured auto.
Accidents caused by a hit-and-run vehicle must


In addition with respect to coverage for property damage:
(a) the accident must involve actual, direct physical contact
between the insured auto and the uninsured motor
vehicle; and
(b) the owner or operator of the uninsured motor vehicle
must be identified or the uninsured motor vehicle must
be identified by its license number; and



This is where I live. That’s my current home. What can I do? How do I get around in a big city that practically REQUIRES A FUCKING CAR!!! But this how Infinity treats its best customers; except for a few times I was never late and now for liability I’m paying fucking $152 thru the roof. Infinity’s a fucking horrible company and I know many people with Geico in the same circumstance as me who GOT THEIR SHYTE PAID and not flounder like mines. Infinity gets a lot of complaints and even many autobody shops don’t like dealing with em. That said, here is my insurance adjuster’s number:

Christina Rodriguez
(562) 263-2651


True to company form, she defends those bastards and their money of millions (like its hers) while I sit in my “home” pondering if it’ll get fixed.

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