If Prettyhoe304 and I Were White We’d Be Stars By Now

Before I begin, lemme take the tyme to celebrate my period coming in in what seems like a second time:   Looka that BEAUTY-FULL fucking blood ?? – Delicious! I honestly love blood ??? That’s how I stay looking so young. Actually I stole the lifeforce of the baby of an enemy last night: Anyways I was thinking about this last night: https://toplessinla.org/2017/12/09/how-social-media-stars-like-prettyhoe304-and-bonk-gang-are-being-used-to-push-martial-law/ But instead they got fake jewISH (not hebrew israelite like at least Nipsey HUSTLE’S family truly are) doing bad shit and saying crazy named Danielle Peskowitz ?? see that jewISH last name – Bregoli doing the same

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