Anorexic Malibu Weirdos Bring Me Mouldy Fucking Bananas Third Time This Shit Done Fucking Happened

This a gangstalking tactic cause WHY THE FUCK BRING ME SHIT YOU DON’T FUCKING WANT THAT YOU WOULDN’T FEED TO YOUR OWN FUCKING DOG! DAMN RIGHT I CURSED THEY FUCKING ASSES OUT!   Shit when I had my own apartment – hell even NOW I BUY new food for people like from restaurants – I DON’T GIVE THEM MY FUCKING LEFTOVERS! THAT’S DISRESPECTUL! I don’t know where the fuck that’s been! That banana mighta been they asshole….. They doing this shit to fuck with me! 3rd time this shit done fucking happened….. Nasty Meth Couple Brings Me Brown Paper Bag

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