Kenneka Jenkins Was A Ritual Sacrifice And Is Now Chained To A Demon In the Afterlife

I did a video on it… EVEN SHERRY SHRINER, NOTED UFOLOGIST AND REPTILIAN EXPOSER, kinda did a video exposing this (WATCH THEY DELETE IT): – Now, today – March 6 2018 – I got telepathically sent info that it is a REPTILIAN GOD, PAZUZU (I know it was something ancient) SHE’S BEEN ENTRAPPED TO! – That’s who your world leaders in pizzagate, etc. worship (WAR-SHIP = REPTILIAN “GOD” FLEETS)! I started out trying to debunk it by saying it was a psyop and that she, Kenneka, wasn’t even real (hence why I insulted her looks) but NOW I know she

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