Tip of the Day: EAT RAW EGGS And Bathe In Ocean Water

Imma start a series called “Tip of the day” since alot of great ideas come to me but because they are too short – I don’t share em here which I should start doing, after all, cause of what I say they are trying to eliminate me off of social media: AND the internet: http://toplessinla.org/2017/10/17/google-is-so-intimidated-by-me-they-are-now-sending-fake-pro-black-government-shills-to-shut-down-my-site/ cause I’m truly a threat! Here’s my take: “Raw eggs raises your Chi force (Chinese for life force energy). They also help open your third eye more (If – I believe – it’s already opened). I find I get ALOT of energy when I eat

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