Exposing A Sexual Predator Illegal Immigrant From The Czech Republic Who Lives Along The PCH In Malibu

I talked about this bitch here: http://toplessinla.org/2018/07/07/just-because-i-go-topless-does-not-mean-i-want-sex/ Here is his picture: Here his license plate: California 5LUC574 THIS THE SAAME demon possesed bitch with the thin purple and black aura who KEPT INSISTING I SLEEP WITH HIM, trying to push sexual advances on me. When I called him out, he said, “AWWW YOU TOO SMART” with a tinge of aggression AND KEPT COMING BACK AND COMING BACK, LIKE HE WAS POSSESSED! MANY TIMES HE KEPT GRABBING AT ME! He also the same crazy mofo who said that he likes stealing from stores and feels no guilt! I had to pull

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