Deputy Konrad Thieme of the Los Angeles Lost Hills Sheriffs Station Is A White Supremacist

THIS JUST IN: WHAT IS POSSIBLY HIS UGLYVASS WIFE FUCKING CONFIRMED IT BY CALLING ME A NIGGER WHICH YOU CAN READ HERE: See, I am HIGHLY intuitive and be knowing WHAT THE FUCK I AM TALKING ABOUT!!! …quite possibly! ******ATTENTION EVERYBODY***** ********ATTENTION EVERYBODY********* **ATTENTION EVERYBODY** – PS look at what the word count says: 637, the SAME numbers of my old apartment back on Hauser Blvd, lol! ANYWAYS, I AIN’T GAY – BUT HIS WIFE IS MAAD MOTHERFUCKING HOT! Mad hot! Here some NYMPHO (Quoting Dinero Red), I mean, INFO I FOUND: HERE SHE IS!!!! Here them two, together, lol:

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