Scott Property Management of Los Angeles Rents To Drug Dealers Addicts Prostitutes and Violent People

The following pictures speak for themselves. I don’t have to say a thing! The following people you will see live at 443 San Pedro St in Los Angeles, CA at the “Catalina Lofts” downtown. I ain’t making shit up! What you will see below are druggies, prostitutes, violent drug dealers – some with guns like […]

Is The Illuminati Pushing Transgenderism and Homosexuality To Bring Back Ancient Roman Practice of Human Sacrifice

The sense I get is that allll this push towards homosexuality, transgenderism, etc. is designed as a way to return us back to the days of Ancient Greece where these behaviors along with bestiality, pedophilia and ultimately – HUMAN SACRIFICE – were accepted. Here is why: Okay, what made me write this is because while […]

L.A. Whistleblower Says Los Angeles City Government Targets Politically Unpopular People

Been waiting for this. This is the smoking gun I’ve been waiting for… Here’s more to let you know she legit: Even though L.A. is known as a place of free thinkers, sure explains why LAPD and L.A. City and County governments don’t like us! This explains this: this: and this: I’VE […]

Los Angeles Sheriff’s Demons Tell Me I Can’t Wear Spiritual Protective Jewelry In Court

I’m not surprised. Watch these videos. In one of em – I believe her name was “Dominguez” – I heard her cussing, at one point I heard her call me the “n word”, talking shit about me all because of those protective stones and at one point she picked it up and then dropped the […]

L.A.’s War On The Homeless From A Homeless Person’s Perspective

Here is L.A. city government, as of late, using the LAPD as of August 29, 2017, to steal homeless people’s shit! I know one of the cops there! He’s nice! I am what you would call, “homeless.” I live in my car. Thankfully, cause I don’t live on the streets I haven’t been exposed to […]

Did You Know It Was Once Illegal For Men To Go Topless

When I drive thru L.A., I have seen countless men who shouldn’t be topless – topless, including a few with double D’s, breasts FAR LARGER THAN HOW MUCH I WEIGH but did you know it was once ILLEGAL for a man to bear his NIPPLES just as it was illegal for us right now: After […]

Drug Addict Poops A Squat Behind 99 Cents Store

Filmed this just today: This poor young man right afterwards – from what I can tell AFTER getting hasseled by some asshole – walked up to my car after I asked him if he were alright. I sensed – obviously – the poor thang was on drugs. I wanna say FOR THE RECORD how it […]

Are Aliens The Cause Behind The Solar Eclipse of 2017

According to Google, yes: Many youtubers suspected that this artifical “solar eclipse” WAS CAUSED BY ALIENS AS THIS VIDEO HERE TALKS ABOUT: And as this videos SHOW HERE: 6 months ago, back in Feb. 2017 – interestingly – a MOTHERSHIP ufo attempted to beam light into the sun’s corona to do God knows what: Here […]