Tico Taco Spic and Span WETBACK BITCH Gets Pissed At My Being Topless CAUSE HER MAN IS AROUND

Shoulda told the bitch that I’m gay, I’m doing it for her, and that I’d lick her pussy REEEAL GOOD, TOO – Better than her man ever cod! Bet that bitch would like me then – but her man would be pissed! Buy vid here [purchase_link id=”30044″ text=”Purchase” style=”button” color=”blue”] Here that license plate I mentioned I was gonna put ON BLAST!!!! I CAN’T STAND BITCHES! That’s why I couldn’t fuck with no female friends and the only ones I chilled with were like me and understood! WOMEN BE ON SOME STRAIGHT JEALOUSY SHIT!! Them latina hoez – wanna know

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