Why You Should Never Work Under Satan or Any So Called Deity

THEY ARE ALL energy vampire harvesters. I talk about them here: http://toplessinla.org/2017/12/12/are-the-gods-and-goddesses-of-every-religion-and-spiritual-system-energy-harvesters-for-the-archons/ That said, I AM IN THE PROCESS OF REMOVING ALL SATANIC INFLUENCES FROM MY LIFE, PERIOD! I’ve come a long way since I lived in my old apartment on Hauser Blvd: a series of calamities, fucked up things, misfortunes all cause by I believe Satan AKA THE HAT MAN who has been sighted in various ufo incidents (I’ve had constant dreams/ visions of ufos as a child) AND, BEFORE – AND EVEN AFTER – SHIT WOULD STRIKE, I WOULD SEE THE HAT MAN WHO I BELIEVE TO BE

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