For some strange reason I attract THE CRAZIEST, M0ST PSYCHOTIC AND RABID OF INTERNET TROLL CRAZIES, like this person below:

When I did a check of his IP, it came back to “union city, nj” here:

I have my suspicions…

My first one is GYASI MYLES, a psychotic, borderline personality disorder having obsessed, attention starved mentally ill person who SAYS he hails from Georgia:

This person had been stalking me online for quite some time and you can even read HIS OWN STATEMENTS SAYING HE IS CRAZY BELOW:

Whoever this person is they sound like a sick, INSANE obsessed “hater” with multiple personality disorder who has a love/ “hate” (to be this obsessed with the person you have to have “love” in your mind to hate someone who has never done you anything to you in order to attack em this RABIDLY) “relationship” with em who feel I committed some imaginary “slight” by having more than likely a DISSENTING OPINION FROM THEIRS so rather than be cool with it they feel I am “against em” and now they wanna “destroy” and attack MY WHOLE LIFE. I talk more about it HERE:

AND HERE ANOTHER STALKER: This “Eric Bee” aka [email protected] mofo right here:

THIS is the price you pay for internet “fame” celebrity and I ain’t getting paid enough to put up with it…

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