God Is Satan: The Demiurge

You wanna know WHY you can never get anywhere in life… You do all the right things you’re supposed to: you are nice (practically a doormat), good hearted and kind. You go outta your way to help those in need but yet YOU are the one who lives in a bed full of pins and […]

Mark Wahlberg’s Hate Crime And Success Proves Karma Is BS

And that KARMA IS NOT FOR THE RIGHTEOUS, EITHER. Here is why… Here is the article: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2015/01/21/mark-wahlberg-racial-violence-victim-says-actor-shouldnt-be-pardoned/?utm_term=.0f60b32965ba Here is another article listing a rundown of ALLLL his victims, including a lil black girl: https://reelrundown.com/celebrities/Hate-Crimes-of-Mark-Wahlberg And here is ANOTHER article where racist ass “DailyMailUK” is saying that “the only victim who matters” is the Vietnamese victim […]

Thor Does Not Want White Supremacists Worshipping Him

He told me this in a dream… That said, I notice when I am “under” someone… worshipping them or they are “speaking through me”… I tend to take on their appearance, their aura cause look at how I looked the morning after I had that dream… I look like Stephen fucking Baldwin… Anyways, THAT’S some […]

The Hand of God Reaching Towards Me

Look at the cloud in the distance: IS THIS THE FIST OF GOD: At one point, I see a “face” in the clouds. Could it be the Face of God? This looks like a tornado. Future warning from HAARP: Here are more beautiful pictures – All from The Hands of God Herself taken in Malibu:

Someone Posting Sigils In The Restroom of the LAPD Wilshire Station

Looka this shit here: Here a video so people CAN SEE it was in fact in the police station: LOL! Somebody done posted a mofo sigil in the restroom of the LAPD community police station. Anyways… as someone who has dealt in the occult at one time (Satanism for a hot brief minute cause of […]

PROOF of Corruption by The National Bar Association of Los Angeles

Listen to this (get to maybe 7:55 at the end): Now you can hear an employee snickering on the other end of the line KNOWING my complaint won’t get taken seriously. I believe it will NOW! The more I come into my own power the more I realize (or at least come back to the […]

Proof of Reptilians And Are They Truly Evil

Look at this shit I saw rigtht outside my window one night while sleeping in my car: Can you see it? Here, let me give ya a CLOSER LOOK… I AM NOT GONNA BOTHER HIGHLIGHTING IT as it is only for those with eyes to see and ears to hear… Anyways, here are more “anomalies” […]

Stalked By A Silverback Ape Named Angeline Alexis

Here is how SHE looks: UPDATE – SEPTEMBER 4, 2017 – THIS GIRL IS SICK!! THE BEST WAY TO DEAL WITH PEOPLE LIKE HER IS TO JUST IGNORE THEM, DOCUMENT EVERYTHING DOWN, AND GO TO THE POLICE!! I already have a report written up about her which you can read below: SHE HAS A WHOLE […]