Bedwench Christelyn Karazin BEGS Homeless RACIST White Bum For A Compliment

…After this same mofo called black women “gorillas” which you can see down below: Here is his google plus for anybody interested: Here is the video that got banned by youtube simply because some bedwench negroes didn’t like the truth that it extolled! That said, here is why I can’t stand Christelyn Karazin. As […]

Topless at Rampart LAPD Station Day

Alright, I saw a topless man at the Rampart LAPD station a couple of weeks ago:   I decided to be topless there, too.   Here is video…   Now, let me preface this by saying that the one thing you will learn – from the cat’s own mouth – in the video up above […]

Two Wetbucks At the Preston Give Me The Middle Finger

[videe_widget width=640 height=480 autosize=false autoplay=false loop=false volume=100 thumbnail= mute=false async=true background=true videoId=112603]   Alright, the other day I saw these two scumbacks outside, looking in my direction – intently but as if they were “bothered” by my being topless (THEY LOOK LIKE TWO FEGS WHICH IS WHY I DO NOT LIKE THOSE PEOPLE) and so […]

Lisa Letanosky of Tennessee Calls Black Woman The N Word

I KNEW THIS BITCH WAS A METHHEAD: I KNEW this bitch was NO CORRECTIONS OFFICER (esp. given the way she spells which is like a 3 year old), LOL! Go to the link above and here are the list of charges: Driving with a suspended license/ failure to appear Production of drug more than […]